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San Diego Top AC Repair is a trusted provider of cooling and heating services to homes and businesses throughout the entire San Diego, CA . Our small but dedicated team of highly trained HVAC technicians specializes in San Diego AC repair, installation, and maintenance services for all major brands and types of air conditioning and heating system. Other than AC repair, we also provide duct repair and replacement and indoor air quality management..

Each of our heating and A/C technicians is EPA certified and thoroughly screened with national background checks and regular drug testing to ensure only the best and most trustworthy people enter your home to work on your HVAC system. Each of our technicians attend classes continuously to ensure they are ready to work with the newest technologies and systems on the market and that they can answer and provide solutions for any issues our customers might have.

We Offer the Following HVAC ServicesThroughout San Diego

Air Conditioning

If you’re interested in having a new air conditioning system installed in your home, there are many steps to consider. The first step in having a new air conditioner installed is to ensure it is properly sized for the specific needs of your home. We do this by performing a load calculation to determine how much cooling is required to keep your home comfortable at any given time.

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If you’re ready to have a new heating system installed in your home, give us a call today to learn more about our comprehensive heating installation and replacement services in Las Vegas, NV. We can help you choose the right type of heating system, select the right size and efficiency level for that system and then ensure it is properly installed.

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The most common solution for air quality issues and the easiest to have installed in your home is a new air filtration and purification system. Such a system can be installed in your air handler and higher rated models can remove up to 99.97% of all contaminants 0.3 microns or larger – effectively everything. Other systems we can install for you include new UV germicidal lights and humidifiers. We also offer duct cleaning and duct repair services for those with forced air heating and cooling systems that might have leaks.

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There are many factors to consider when having a new commercial heating and air conditioning system installed in your building. The first thing to think about is the type of system you would like to have installed. We offer a number of solutions depending on the size of your business and the extent of the heating and cooling you need. Rooftop units are very popular because they are self–contained, installed out–of–the–way on the roof, and are easy to maintain and repair.

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There are a number of options if you want to improve the energy efficiency of the heating and air conditioning systems in your home. We offer high efficiency equipment installation and replacement services as well as duct repair and sealing to ensure your ventilation system doesn’t waste or lose any air from either your heating or cooling system.

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Six Tips For Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

The heat of summer is the worst time to have an air conditioning system fail especially in San Diego CA. The discomfort of being without cold air circulating through the home is added to the frustration of paying and waiting, for an AC repair in San Diego, CA. This is the most common time of year for issues to occur, with more air cooling systems in use and working at their hardest. We can arrange maintenance and air conditioning repairs, and advise how to avoid breakdowns and protect yourself against problems.

1. Schedule A Regular Service

An annual, scheduled service by an HVAC professional is the best way to avoid problems with your air conditioning system. We recommend scheduling this before the onset of summer heat, around daylight saving time. Our technicians a thorough service, with checks and adjustments including:

  • Thorough internal and external inspection for cracks and other signs of damage
  • Checking connections and seals for leaks
  • Recharging refrigerants where necessary
  • Cleaning condenser coils
  • Checking ducts for leaks, mold, and dirt
  • Checking thermostat operation and battery

Our professionals will identify serious issues and recommend any repairs that are needed before the summer heat. They will be able to optimize your unit to run as in the manufacturer guidelines, improve its efficiency and extend its life. Our air conditioning service and tuning can make your system significantly less vulnerable to breakdown, eliminating as much as 95 percent of repair needs and giving you every confidence of having reliable, cool air all summer long.

2. AC Systems That Run All The Time

If your air conditioner runs all the time or more than you are expecting, the first thing to check is the thermostat settings. Has it been switched from Auto to running full time, and is the thermostat set correctly? Check the thermostat’s battery for charge, or give us a call to discuss solutions to the issue.

3. Storm And Heatwave Issues

The beginning of the summer is always a busy time for San Diego AC repairs. People experience malfunctions when starting to use their AC systems, and many of these could be avoided with a pre-emptive maintenance inspection and tune-up.

Later in the summer, high temperatures and storms can bring more severe problems. They can place stress on systems, and severe storms can cause physical damage and challenges caused by debris. It’s important to keep your family safe by avoiding dangerously high temperatures in the home. Be sure to mention any concerns about this if you call us for service and AC repair.

4. Can I Do An AC Tune-Up Myself?

It might seem like a good economical idea to do your own AC repair, but particularly when recharging refrigerant, you can easily do more harm than good. Your system must be serviced using the correct coolant. If it uses Freon, the sale of it is highly restricted, and most suppliers won’t supply it to anyone without a valid HVAC license. Puron must not be used as an alternative. Affordable and professional servicing by our contractors is the safest way to keep your system running most efficiently.

5. What Should I Do If My AC Keeps Breaking Down?

Repeated malfunctions are a sign that your unit is likely to need replacing. Every homeowner should plan for this possibility, even though reliable systems will see two decades and more of service. Remember that the latest systems are much more efficient than units produced less than ten years ago, and a replacement air conditioning unit will bring immediate benefits in running costs and energy use.

6. How Do I Decide What’s the Best AC Unit For My Home?

Our contractors can determine which equipment will meet your household’s cooling requirements with a load calculation. You may also want to consider a heat pump as this will provide warm as well as cold air throughout your home. We can help you with all your options and their costs to help you make the right decision.

We can also provide details of which systems qualify for energy tax credits. You can quickly recover a significant part of your investment in some cases when installing a new air conditioning system. We can also help you explore products that contribute to improving the air quality around your home. Whether it’s an urgent air conditioning repair, or you want to explore the latest options and systems that would suit your home, start by giving us a call.

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